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Operations Operations are the backbone to your customer experience.  Processes should be in place to ensure inventory accuracy and availability, register procedures, deposits, cleanliness and all day-to-day events, which frees the staff to concentrate on giving the optimal customer experiences while maintaining proper standards. Robust operations allow the business to run smooth and create better profit. Ops has become more important with the onset of omnichannel and ecommerce fulfillment as inventory levels must be accurate to ensure expectations.

Technology Whether you’re looking to enhance your current technology footprint, implement omnichannel or better leverage your existing investment, we are able to help.  With a long history of technology implementations, omnichannel experience and support, Retail Rhythm can make your technology dollar better perform for you.


Strategy Without a well thought out strategy, most retailers become dysfunctional at best, short lived at worst. Working through your overall strategy is an important step toward creating goals and finding success. We can help you define your path forward strategy and define your "Why" in the process. If you already have a solid strategy and need support in execution, we can certainly assist.

Profit Creation Most retailers do not realize their potential with regard to creating cash and profits. Whether you’re struggling to pay your bills or need cash to expand your business ensuring profits from your business is critical. Execution of the strategy with attention to plan and customer experience is the key to success. We can show you how to make more money for your efforts.

Planning Planning is a key to ensuring your store has the proper inventory level and merchandise mix to create the optimal customer experience while maximizing profit. Plans also give context to your merchandise, windows into opportunity, a proper OTB (Open to Buy), success criteria and increased profit margins (reduced markdowns, better flow). Without proper plans, retailers lack the road map and direction to success. Plans are only effective if merchandise has been properly classified. Retail Rhythm provides both accurate plans and direction to properly classify your product.

Forecast/Cash Flow Proper forecasting is critical to ensuring your cash flow and filling proper inventory levels. We are able to provide accurate forecasts, which have historically proven to be 94% accurate.


When the fundamentals are solid, you are free to ensure each customer experience is optimal which results in positive energy and profitable locations. Product, process, people and technology are the cornerstones of all retail businesses. Each of those areas can be broken down further to increase customer satisfaction and experience while improving profitability and cashflow.

Customer Experience 

Everything we do begins and ends with the customer experience. Every experience begins before entering your store and does not end with the sale. We help you craft your experience to match your strategy,  store, customer’s expectations  and goals.


Buying is both an art and a science and the

best buyers are able to create a unified vision and execute upon that vision. Utilizing a strategy and plan with the appropriate vision and financials creates a strong buy that supports your overall financials. Many times buyers do not buy to sales and miss business. Additionally, the overall presentation must meet expectations and the customer experience. With many years of buying and merchandising experience, we can help you right-size your buys and assortments, help correct inventory levels as well as improve your presentations.

Financials Numbers are both result and tool to better your retail practice. Understanding how each KPI impacts the bottom line is critical to improving performance.  We can help create better financial metrics through planning and analysis with improved visibility across your organization.

HR and Team building 

Your teams are responsible for the customer experience and ultimately your success.  We can assist  you in evaluating your organization, hire and training the right people and ensuring the right activities are executed to ensure your retail organization is successful. 

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