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Making Retail Work!





What is Retail Rhythm?

Rhythm is achieved in the space where strategy merges with product, process, people and technology to create exceptional customer experiences and profitable retail stores within today's complex and non-forgiving marketplace. Without the right strategies and tools in place,  business stagnates with poor service, unhappy customers,  minimized profit and slow growth.

Retail Rhythm is a niche retail consulting company dedicated to retailers of all size. Retail is our passion and our why. We strive to help each client achieve their overall rhythm creating value,  profit and cashflow.

Profit is increased working in tandem with owners, managers and employees, implementing a combination of proven retail strategies and tactics to ensure the business is stable and growing within expectations. Strategies are grounded in planning and open-to-buy philosophies combined with solid buying practices and implementing or maximizing current technology solutions. With the correct strategies and processes in place, retail businesses thrive and are staged for growth and positive cash flow.


Retail success depends upon having the right product in the right quantities at the right time. Product is your business and your biggest investment; however, is often times bought without consideration to overall strategy, selling trends or plans/forecast. If product is purchased in line with the retail strategy and realistic sales expectations, your profit, cash flow and customer experience will be maximized while reducing risk. We work with you to create the proper strategy, solid merchandise plans and the ongoing discipline to ensure your buys correlate with sales while ensuring customer expectations are exceeded.


Process is the cornerstone of all profitable businesses. Retail is certainly no different. Retailers must instill process throughout their organization to ensure consistency through product, people and technology. When process is in place, decisions become apparent and stores position themselves to deliver a brilliant consumer experience. With poor process, each decision is unique and may not support your strategy while creating tension and confusion. Process also drives profitability and cashflow through planning, buying and consistent message within strategy. We can help you evaluate and define your process to support and position yourself for profit and cashflow.



Your associates are the key to unique and memorable customer experiences. Successful retailers of today understand omnichannel, technology, strategy and how each associate plays an important part of the total experience. Having the right people in place while ensuring the correct structure to support your strategy is critical. Like a good teammate, you expect them to do their job so you are able to concentrate on yours. Associates are a critical link to competing with today's large online companies. We can help with ensuring you have the correct structures in place, job descriptions and people to support your strategy.


Today, technology has taken center stage in the world of retail. Information has quickly become the cornerstone of transformative retailers globally. Omnichannel is now the standard, customer connections the new currency and technology the enabler to be successful in this new retail environment. If you are not embracing new technologies, you will quickly become obsolete. Whether you are introducing new technologies or need to better utilize your existing platform; we leverage our extensive experience to ensure your business is utilizing the best technology for your customer, strategy and process.

We make retail work!

What we do

What we do


Retail Rhythm

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